Woman Who Was Called ‘Too Ugly’ After Posting Her Photos Proves Bullies Wrong & Models at NY Fashion Week

Melissa Blake is a woman with a genetic bone disease called Freeman-Sheldon syndrome. She always had a dream of becoming a model, but she was told that it would never become a reality due to her disability. Years later, she became a model at New York Fashion Week.

Melissa Blake is a journalist who covers issues of disability, relationships, lifestyle and pop culture. Blake was born with Freeman-Sheldon syndrome, a genetic disease of bones and muscles.

The journalist has undergone about 26 operations on her knees, hands, hips and spine. Despite the difficulties associated with her condition, Blake has always dreamed of becoming a model. She said she grew up reading all the famous glossy magazines, but had never seen people like her.

However, when Blake was a teenager, someone robbed her of her dreams and told her that she would never become a model because she was disabled. Negative statements have been haunting her for years.