You will get goosebumps after watching the high school dance to “Hallelujah”

High school athletics are becoming increasingly competitive, and all teams want something that will set them apart.

The Dodge City High School Drill Team recently devised an amazing strategy to distinguish themselves from other teams during a championship basketball game halftime performance, and it has quickly made them internet superstars!

The drill squad takes center court in the video below, and a soloist in the ensemble begins singing the renowned Leonard Cohen ballad, «Hallelujah.»

As the rest of the squad begins to dance, two females join in on the singing.

At first glance, this performance looks to be nothing out of the norm.

The costumes, which are light-up crowns and capes that transform into wings, appear to be the most unusual aspect of the presentation.

The crowd realizes that this show is going to be something spectacular only when the lights abruptly go out!

The music abruptly changes from a calm ballad to a remix version, and the ladies’ outfits light up, creating a spectacular light show to complement the dancing performance.

The ladies’ movements in their illuminated costumes produce a spectacle that must be seen to be believed.

This has to be one of the most amazing high school performances I’ve ever witnessed!

The video of their performance rapidly went viral, with over 535,000 views.

«This is better than Super Bowl halftime shows!» said one social media user, while another added, «Incredible.» They should compete on America’s Got Talent.»

Check out their performance for yourself in the video below!

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