12-Years-Old Boy Begins To Sing “Hallelujah” And Audience Goes Hauntingly Silent

The song, “Hallelujah” is incredibly popular. It’s a once in a lifetime piece that so many people love and can relate to on many levels. Practically everyone, whether they know it or not, has heard the song one time or another.

But, what makes this particular song unique is that they may have never heard it sung by the original artist, and they’ve probably heard it sung by many different artists. “Hallelujah” is one of the most widely covered songs. It’s been sung by some of the most famous performers in the world and by singers that are completely unknown.

In some ways, it’s a surprise that so many people choose to perform the song, especially as their careers are just beginning. It’s risky to take on a song that so many people already know and love. The chances are that the people listening already have a favorite version of the song in their heads.

So, when a 12-year-old boy from Australia took the stage, on national television no less, some people were understandably skeptical about his performance. But, as soon as he began to sing, he proved everyone wrong. The room fell completely silenced, mesmerized by his voice.

The boy didn’t take many liberties with the song, and his choices were familiar. But, his clear voice never wavered, and he hit every note perfectly. Perfect pitch isn’t what makes a performance special, though. The boy, whose name is Straalen McCallum, was able to sing the song with emotion, and that’s what truly brought it to life.

Straalen is now an adult and is pursuing a career in the music industry. While he hasn’t yet become a household name, we hope that he keeps working on it — this video shows that he’s truly a special talent.Watch his spectacular performance in the video below and please like and share!