9 Things You Should Never Plug Into A Power Strip

“Be cautious when using power strips,” warns an article, highlighting the risks associated with overloading them. The piece emphasizes checking the power strip’s capacity, usually listed on the cable, before plugging in devices. It also identifies nine items that should never be connected to a power strip.

  1. Oven and Refrigerator: These power-hungry appliances should have dedicated outlets on their own circuits, as plugging them into a power strip can lead to problems.
  2. Washing Machine: Due to its high power consumption, a washing machine should always be directly connected to a receptacle, ideally on a separate circuit.
  3. Heating Devices: Auxiliary heaters should be used cautiously and never plugged into a power strip to avoid circuit overload.
  4. Microwave: Although not used frequently, microwaves consume a lot of energy and should have their own receptacle.
  5. Coffee Maker and Toaster: These kitchen appliances also draw considerable power and should not be connected to power strips or extension cords.
  6. Stacking Power Strips: Plugging one power strip into another is a risky practice that can lead to fires and electrical hazards.
  7. Electronics (Computer, TV, Router): Sensitive to surges, electronics should not be plugged into power strips to prevent potential damage.

In conclusion, exercise caution when using power strips, prioritize safety, and avoid overloading them with high-power devices.

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