“Parents are terrified”: The man who underwent 20 surgeries to see his dreams come true!

Meet Mateo Blanco, a young guy who has invested over $300,000 and had more than 20 different surgeries in the field of cosmetic surgery in order to get the image that he has always wanted.

Following the surgeries, his mother was overcome with grief, and it was many days before she was able to see her son again.

When people saw a picture of Mateo before his operation, they were shocked and sympathetic toward his mother since she was the one who gave him life and spent many sleepless hours worrying about him.

Concerns concerning Mateo’s mental health came in a wide variety of forms, as did feedback about his appearance following the surgery.

A number of them questioned whether or not he was pleased with the end result, while others speculated on the kinds of people who would find his new look appealing.

The conversations that take place on the internet reveal that there are many different points of view about Mateo’s experience.