A woman shared her story of how she felt humiliated with the gift she received from her fiance, at their Christmas gathering. She was expecting something else, since her fiance had promised her something.

The Redditor, u/Temporary-Snow989, had shared her story on Reddit’s r/AITA subreddit. The woman said that she is a 26-year-old black woman, while her fiance is a 27-year-old white man. OP stated that her fiance is working in the tech industry.

The couple had agreed to spend the Christmas with her fiance’s family, her fiance’s three sister, and their wives. As her husband said to the OP, he received a huge bonus from his workplace, and OP explained, “told me he “was going to go all out for me” this year.”

OP stated that on the past Christmasses, they couldn’t celebrate it with much joy, since they were not in financially good position, and couldn’t afford much. So that was why her fiance had said that he would “go all out for her.”

Her fiance asked to OP that what she would like to receive, and OP shared with him that she wanted a fuzzy bag, which was popular on the social media.

When the time for gifts had arrived, and everyone had gathered in her fiance’s parents house, the OP had no idea that she was going to have a terrible experience. OP stated, one of her future sister-in-law received a fur coat, and the other one received the air fryer she wanted.

Then, her fiance handed his phone to OP, which she stated, “I looked and thought I was going to see a track package page for the bag. Instead, all I saw was an art picture of a monkey that was suppose to look like me.”

As she was having hard time to control her feelings with what she saw, her fiance’s brothers started to mock him, as how could he give his black fiance a monkey picture, etc.

After a short while later, OP needed a place to cry, so she locked herself into the bathroom. She cried there for a while, and an hour later, she called an uber, and left to a hotel. Then her fiance called OP, and stated that she ruined the Christmas, as she was a materialistic person, etc.

Then he stated that he invested $8,000 to that NFT picture for her, and blamed her for not seeing the vision he has.

OP shared that she couldn’t stay there, since people were laughing at the terrible situation OP was stuck in.

Then her fiance called OP again, and wanted to talk, face to face. After he arrived at the hotel, OP shared, “He said he wouldn’t make any excuses and that he believes that he was for sure in the wrong. He said that after I left, his entire family yelled at him to make things right with me and that he missed me.”

Then her fiance explained that he tried to buy the bag, but it was sold out. Then his co-workers had stated that there is an NFT collection, which many black celebrities had bought too, and since OP was interested with drawing, her fiance thought that she would be happy with his present.

As the couple had worked things out, her fiance had changed the gift, and bought her “Two Ohuhu sketchbooks and their 320pc. marker set.”

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