A woman shared a story of how she moved in with her boyfriend’s grandmother, and how some problems arosed after their move in. After she confronted those problems, things went worse.

The woman shared her experience in Reddit, at the r/AITA subreddit. She explained that she is together with her boyfriend, for two years, and they were planning their move together. They moved in together, after her boyfriend’s grandmother had a spare room, and her boyfriend asked from his grandmother to move in.

After their move, some problems started, as OP learned that the grandmother was not the cleaning lady in her house.

She learned that because the grandmother would go to her 34-year-old daughter’s house, and finish her daughter’s errands for her, she would come exhausted for the jobs in her own house. And on top of that, some items were missing from the house, such as, a toilet seat, cleaning supplies, and a vacuum cleaner.

And the constant coming over’s of her future mother-in-law was a problem for her too, as she would bring her two daughters too. One of the daughters were eight, and she was going to school too early, in the morning. And they were talking too loud at that time, which was another problem for the girlfriend.

After OP talked with grandmother about the issue, for three days, she wasn’t awaken by the noise. But on the fourth day, she was awake in the morning again, because of the noise. Then she decided to confront with her future mother-in-law, which made her incredibly angry, and OP shared, “… she got super pissed and butthurt and told me that it’s not my home,”

OP shared that she is paying her rent and taking care of the house, and she only asked her to not rang the doorbell, as she didn’t tried to kick her future mother-in-law out. After their conversation, the mother-in-law had talked with her husband, and that led OP to be kicked out from the house.

After few months later, her boyfriend had convinced her to move back in with him. But the problems started again, which now the grandmother was angry with her too, as she stated that OP hurt her grandson’s feelings, and she should never left.

The other Redditors who read the story stated that why her boyfriend never raised his voice to defend her.

And some other Redditors stated that the OP is too young to deal with that kind of problems, as she should focus into her life, and suggested that she shouldn’t marry into the family.

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