Am I Right for Not Letting My Parents into My Son’s Life?

When a man fell in love with a waitress and married her, his parents stopped talking to him. However, they reached out to him when he had a son two years later.Reddit user shared his story in the “AITA” sub, revealing what his parents did behind his back. He also shared that his parents disliked his wife since the first time they heard about her.

Eventually, he was glad that his parents had accepted his wife but had no idea what was going on in their minds. It took him some time to find out the purpose behind their regular visits. The man went to a restaurant where a beautiful waitress served him. He liked her, so he tried to get to know her more. After a few more visits, he became friends with Sonya, and they started dating. However, things took a different turn when he introduced his parents to Sonya. “My parents think that Sonya is only using me to achieve her American dream,” he revealed.

Despite his parents’ disapproval, the man proposed to Sonya for marriage, and she said yes. Soon, the couple informed their families about their decision. Sonya’s parents were delighted and were ready to welcome the man to their family. However, his parents didn’t want him to marry Sonya.Since his parents weren’t interested in his wedding, he decided to secretly run away with Sonya and get married. He invited his brother to the private event while Sonya asked her best friends to join them.

Two years later, Sonya gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. When OP’s parents found out about his birth, they called their son and said they wanted to see their grandson.

They had never talked to their son or Sonya after their wedding and this was the first time they wanted to visit their house, so Sonya didn’t say no to them. She allowed them to see the baby two days after the hospital discharged her.

The parents started to regularly visit the couple’s home to see their grandson. Everything was going great until the man heard his mother say something strange to his son one day. When he asked her what she meant, she immediately changed the topic. However, he knew something was wrong, so he insisted she tell her what she meant.

Following an apology, she told him that she had his son’s DNA tested to confirm if he belonged to him. At first, the husband couldn’t understand what his mother said. However, when he realized that she did a DNA test behind his back, he took his son from his father’s hands and immediately asked them to leave.

His mother apologized again and explained that she did the DNA test because his son didn’t resemble him. She also mentioned that the results proved he was the father, but he didn’t want to hear anything more.

He asked them to leave while his wife was preparing lunch in the kitchen and told her they left because they had to go somewhere else. He was afraid she might get hurt if she learned about the DNA test.

Two weeks after the incident, his wife asked him why his parents had stopped visiting them. Since he couldn’t keep it a secret anymore, he told her what had happened that day. That night, Sonya told her husband that she wouldn’t allow his parents to come near their son. So when his mother called him to ask when they could visit again, he told her about his wife’s decision.

“You guys aren’t welcomed here anymore!” he said when his father called him. His father accused him of being ungrateful and criticized his wife.

The man turned to Reddit after hanging up on his father. He asked other Redditors if he had overreacted but commenters assured him he was not at fault. One said the Redditor made the right decision by keeping his parents away from his son because they might make the child feel bad about himself and his mother in the future.”Your parents are racist, and your son is better off without them,” stated a netizen. Another agreed and said he didn’t need his parents in his life. Most Redditors agreed that he did the right thing by protecting his wife and son from his parents. They felt his parents were “toxic” and might hurt his son in the future.

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