Damar Hamlin shares emotional solo moment on the field following cardiac arrest

Damar Hamlin was emotional after the Buffalo Bills’ loss in Cincinnati on Sunday, but not because of the outcome of the game.

Olivia Ray, a local Bengals beat writer, uploaded a video showing Hamlin, 25, alone on the field after the game at Paycor Stadium, where he fell in January after having a cardiac arrest midgame. Hamlin was hospitalized for nine days after collapsing and was diagnosed with commotio cordis.

“Damar Hamlin is alone on the field after the game at Paycor Stadium.” “An emotional scene as Hamlin spends nearly 15 minutes at the logo in Cincinnati,” Ray said, accompanying the video in a post on X.

The video shows the Bills safety kneeling in front of the Bengals emblem while dressed in team uniform.

After the somber moment, Hamlin lowers his head and walks slowly back to the locker room.


The NFL player also expressed his opinions on going back to the Bengals’ stadium while sharing Ray’s video.

“Tonight was everything for me. You haven’t heard the half of it.” “Believe me,” Hamlin wrote.

Hamlin posted a video of his return to the Cincinnati stadium on Instagram. “Keep your head clear. Blessed and well-favored. “Thank you,” he wrote while Rod Wave’s “No Deal” played in the background of his Instagram story.

On Saturday night, Hamlin treated the members of the Cincinnati medical personnel who had saved his life to supper. “I had dinner with my heroes last night.” “10 of the UC Medical Staff members who helped save my life,” he wrote on X.

“I surprised them with a scholarship named after each of them that will support youth in Cincy to pursue their dreams,” Hamlin continued. We wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for them!”


On Sunday, Hamlin’s Chasing M’s Foundation unveiled the Cincinnati Heroes Scholarship, which will award funds in the names of the ten medical staff members who saved his life. According to ESPN, the scholarship opportunity will help kids in high school and college in the Cincinnati region.

In June, Hamlin returned to the Cincinnati hospital, where he had spent nine days after collapsing.

In one of his visit videos, Hamlin shared a moving experience with American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown. The Bills star presented Brown with an autographed jersey that said, “My best friend in the world!”

Before presenting them with the Pat Tillman Award for Service, Hamlin presented his tale in a video, adding, “I didn’t wake up that morning in January thinking I would need someone to save my life that day, and I doubt the staff thought they had to do what they did either.”

“What I’ve taken away from what happened to me six and a half months ago is that any of us at any given time are capable of doing something that’s incredible—saving a life and living a life in service to others,” he said.

“It’s a gift.” It comes with responsibilities. It’s also the reason you’re hearing my voice right now. Anyone has the potential to be a hero. These are exclusively mine.”


Nate Breske, the chief athletic trainer for the Buffalo Bills, collected the award on behalf of the team, stating, “I’m humbled and privileged to be here today, representing the Buffalo Bills athletic training staff… We achieved the finest conclusion we could have hoped for thanks to God’s mercy and supernatural intervention.”