The biggest baby in history was born weighing 7 kilos and here is how he looks today…

The arrival of this extraordinary newborn, weighing over 7 kilograms, created a significant sensation.

Meet K. Robert Clark, born in 1983, who holds the distinction of being the largest infant in recorded history. The life story of this remarkable baby generated a flurry of excitement and swiftly became a hot topic of passionate debates.

Interestingly, the mother of this child had some inkling that her baby would be on the heavier side, given her experience with other large babies.

However, she didn’t anticipate that her son would weigh as much as he did – a fact that seemed almost unbelievable.

Once they brought him home, it quickly became apparent that his baby clothes were ill-fitting, and even the crib was too small to accommodate him. By the age of 12, Kevin had already reached a height of 152 cm.

According to his parents, one of the most challenging aspects of raising him was finding suitable clothing that fit him comfortably.

As he grew older, his parents encouraged him to engage in sports, with a particular emphasis on basketball. However, Kevin’s interests leaned more towards activities like hunting and fishing.

He eventually pursued a career as a state police officer.

At the age of 39, his weight stands at 136 kilograms, and he surpasses a height of 190 cm. He prefers to keep a low profile as he has grown weary of the constant jokes and criticisms that come with his stature.

In terms of his personal life, Kevin has found the love of his life and resides in a grand mansion. When people ask him, “Do you play basketball?” he humorously responds with a question of his own, saying, “Do you play mini golf?”

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