Guy purchases old farmhouse to demolish, begins dismantling the barn, and discovers one of the most valuable things in the world…

Mark Benton was planning to destroy an ancient farm. He was mostly concerned with the land. Something drove the man to investigate the contents of the barn erected on the outskirts, even before he began working.

The gates creaked open, and Mark was shocked to find one of the most expensive automobiles in the world, built-in 1959. Jaguar released the Mark 2 sedan this year, which is uncommon for the brand. The firm wanted to reach a new clientele.

The designers combined an exquisite representational body with a strong engine: the Jaguar XK sports car engine was put on the Jaguar Mark 2, instantly making it one of the quickest vehicles on the market at the time.

Sedans were only partially liberated; practically all of them stayed in their native England. As a result, Mark was taken aback when he discovered one of the rare Jaguars on a long-abandoned farm in Iowa, a location that Americans consider, to put it simply, far from cultural centers. The automobile is in excellent condition, especially given that it spent decades in a wooden shed.

Documents were also discovered in the glove compartment, indicating that the car was last registered in 1983. The automobile will be auctioned off. The new owner anticipates receiving at least a few hundred thousand dollars for it.