Teen Ice Skater Goes Down in History During Competition With This Amazing Jump

I can hardly remember what I was doing at the age of 13, whereas the junior skater Alexandra Trusova was up by 5 am to hit the ice rink. Her persistent commitment to the sport at such a young age is truly remarkable.

Alexandra landed with flawless Quadruple Jumps at the International Skating Union World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

The young skater performance truly had the pundits talking about her path to major success in the ice world. Apart from being young and devoted, the skater’s unprecedented routine is uplighting her presence in the limelight.

During her act, she landed two gracefully quadruple jumps making her the first performer in history to do so in a single program.

From the age of 10, Alexandra had been pushing herself to land the triple axel right. With passion and great reverence for her work. She was able to perform a step further to quadruple Salchow. For those who don’t know the term, Salchow is an edge jump in figure skating from the backwards of one skate to the outside edge of another skate, with one or more full turns in the air.

Please press play and enjoy the historic moves of Alexandra Trusova at the age of 13. And please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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