I Made My Elderly Parents Choose between Living in My Garage and a Nursing Home

A woman faced a tough choice when her parents asked to move in with her. She initially converted her garage into a guest house for her visiting children, but her parents wanted to live with her instead. She informed her children that the garage was their designated space. However, on moving day, her parents were unhappy, expecting to live in the main house.

“They thought they could move into my house since I have five bedrooms,” she explained, but she had converted most into offices and hobby spaces, leaving only one spare room primarily for her dogs.

Her parents were disappointed, insisting they wanted to live in the main house. Frustrated, she gave them two options: the prepared garage space or a nursing home. Many Reddit users empathized, while some believed her parents were being demanding.

One user suggested that the parents might have preferred her cooking and cleaning for them, while another shared a similar situation with grateful parents embracing the privacy of a converted shed. Some advised setting clear boundaries and allowing occasional visits to the main house.