I Was Trying to Find My Long-Lost Daughter for Years but I Kicked Her Out When She Finally Came to My House

The girl toured around her dad’s house and paused after seeing a picture. She picked it up, and without knowing who she was talking about, she passed a comment that urged her dad to kick her out then and there. A daughter’s relationship with her dad can play a crucial role in boosting their psychological development, but it proved the other way in a Reddit dad’s case. The man posting under the handle u/ThrowRAahe on the “AITA” forum admitted he was excited to reconnect with his estranged daughter he’d never seen all his life.

Unfortunately, their reunion turned into an unforgettable nightmare that led the man to kick the girl out after she picked up a picture in his house and uttered something that struck a nerve.
The Original Poster (OP) first fed readers with a bit of synopsis on his background. OP became a father too early. He was just 16 when his girlfriend fell pregnant. Things turned sour when the girl’s parents sent her away and pressured her to cut contact with OP.
His confession left the girl speechless. Her eyes widened as her gut kicked in, telling her she shouldn’t have said something like this.
Since then, the dad never saw his girlfriend nor met his child. But years later, his estranged daughter sought him out, and their reunion forged a relationship between them.

Undoubtedly, OP was thrilled to reconnect with her, but he soon realized that she carried the baggage of grudge and hostility born out of the lies her mom’s side of the family told her.
The girl’s maternal family raised her in a web of lies about him. She grew up thinking he had run away from her after her birth and ignored her family’s efforts to reconnect with her. In reality, OP claimed he was the one to constantly keep trying to build bridges with his daughter but to no effect.