Mother of Two Wants to Foster Teenager but ‘Horrified’ Sister Warns Social Worker

A woman turned to Reddit after discovering that her sister wanted to foster a teenager for reasons she thought were “horrible.” She advised her sister not to do it, but she proceeded anyway.
The 28-year-old woman was horrified when her sister, Jane, 36, told her why she wanted to foster a teenage kid. It happened after the woman started living with her sister.
She lived there for two years and admitted to spending a “miserable” time at her sister’s place. Other users were shocked to read the mind-boggling details of the time she spent there.

The woman revealed her sister had two kids, and she asked her to look after them. She loved the kids like her own, but she couldn’t babysit them all the time. Jane also asked her to hand over half the money she used to earn from a part-time job. After Jane showed her true colors, OP (Original Poster) moved out and decided not to talk to her. However, she still spoke to her when she complained she didn’t have anyone to help her look after the kids. OP felt terrible for her sister and agreed to babysit sometimes, saying:

“Just cause I am off work, doesn’t mean I want an 8 hour day with my niece and nephew.”

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