Lawyer Explains Why You Should Never Use The Self-Checkout Lines

Should be aware of, beyond the annoyance they cause. These machines were primarily introduced to save on labor costs, not to enhance customer experience. According to Sylvain Charlebois from Dalhousie University, customers disliked them from the start.

Retailers can save up to 66% by replacing cashiers with self-checkout machines, driving their popularity. However, these machines often malfunction, with 67% of shoppers reporting issues. Additionally, some stores are falsely accusing customers of theft to profit further.

Criminal defense attorney Carrie Jernigan warns against self-checkout machines due to increased theft risks. Retail giants like Walmart show little leniency towards customers who accidentally miss scanning items. They pursue legal action aggressively to support self-checkout profitability.

Jernigan advises against using self-checkout, as stores can easily accuse you of theft without substantial evidence. It’s a risky choice, potentially leading to legal trouble and a year in jail.