Woman Hears Loud Noises From Garage Every Day, Left In Tears After Discovering Husband’s Secret

Combat veteran Brad Soden’s determination to create a life-changing wheelchair for his wife, Liz Soden, after a tragic accident touched the hearts of many. Liz, partially paralyzed just months before their wedding, faced the disappointment of missing out on family activities like hikes and camping trips with their five kids. Brad, fueled by his wife’s tears, was on a mission to change that.

Photo Credit: Liz Soden/Facebook

As a plumber without a formal engineering background, Brad faced challenges while crafting a wheelchair with tank-like treads that could conquer off-road terrain and handle mountain trails. Despite encountering a few setbacks, his dedication never wavered. He was resolute in making it a reality, whatever it took.

“We started a couple fires, but we had beer on hand, so we could just put it out,” Brad humorously recalled.

Photo Credit: Liz Soden/Facebook

The outcome of his unwavering determination was the “Tankchair,” a wheelchair that granted Liz the freedom she yearned for. The Tankchair swiftly became Brad’s full-time commitment, as it meant the world to his wife’s quality of life.

Liz expressed her gratitude for the Tankchair, sharing how it transformed her ability to enjoy activities like hiking and camping with her family. The once-confining experiences of being stuck in a car or house became a thing of the past. Now, she can chase her kids around and be an active part of their adventures.

Photo Credit: Liz Soden/Facebook

Brad’s vision extends beyond his own family’s needs. He aspires to provide Tankchairs free of charge to wounded warriors, recognizing the significance of empowering veterans who have endured hardships.

However, the journey to achieve this noble goal comes with financial hurdles. Since the chairs are classified as recreational vehicles, insurance doesn’t cover them. Each Tankchair, capable of reaching speeds up to 30 miles per hour, costs between $12,000 and $15,000.

Photo Credit: Liz Soden/Facebook

Despite the challenges, the Tankchair has resonated with disabled veterans, leading to a significant demand, evident from the three-month waiting list.

Brad’s story showcases the power of determination and the profound impact a single act of kindness can have on countless lives. His unwavering dedication to improving his wife’s life through the Tankchair serves as an inspiration to all. As Brad strives to bring this life-changing innovation to more wounded warriors, his story of hope and perseverance continues to touch hearts worldwide.

Sources: Today