Marine Guard Ignores Little Boy, Then People Notice What He Does With His Left Hand

Recently, a 1997 film that was moving and heartwarming has gained enormous popularity.

In the well-known commercial, a young boy approaches a Marine guard and inquires about Santa Claus.

The boy looks up at the guard with hope, but at first the guard doesn’t seem to notice him; he never fixes his gaze on the boy.

The boy is unfazed and continues by showing the guard his Christmas wish list in the hopes that the guard will fulfill it.

Unexpectedly, the guard extends his left hand and takes the boy’s list.

This touching advertisement serves a very important purpose: it spreads awareness of the Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys For Tots program.

The program, which began in 1947, accepts brand-new, unwrapped toys every year in the months of October, November, and December.

These toys are then distributed to children who don’t have as much, giving them a message of hope and assisting them in developing into accountable, valuable, and patriotic citizens.

Even after watching it numerous times, this brief 30-second video still has a powerful effect that causes people to cry.

Because it makes a strong case for kindness and generosity, it stands out from other Christmas advertisements.

It’s obvious that the movie evokes strong emotions in viewers, and the popularity of the film demonstrates how crucial it is for charities like Toys For Tots to spread holiday cheer to disadvantaged children.

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