Simon Cowell’s heart melts after hearing this father-son group perform! VIDEO

Move over, Jonas Brothers; the world now has a new favorite fraternity (plus one)! Meet The Neales: Phil, Dan, James Neil, and their father Laurie, who called their singing trio after their surnames. They are honored to wear that moniker on their path to stardom. They won people’s hearts when they auditioned for the ninth season of Britain’s Got Talent.

Laurie and his boys have never before performed in front of a large crowd. Their «performances» were mainly held in the privacy of their living rooms, where they sang their hearts out on karaoke evenings, intoxicated or sober. But they were about to put their skills to the test on a grander platform. Literally. When the Neales entered, you could tell they were both delighted and frightened. The four men looked handsome in their suits, each with a microphone in hand.

They waited for the music to begin, and all four were ready to show Britain and the rest of the world what they had!

They sang the Everly Brothers’ «When Will I Be Loved?» The sounds came out so easily the instant they opened their lips. What a beautiful harmony these four have! Their vocals mixed wonderfully, and it was appropriate for their group. They didn’t require any sophisticated choreography, rifts, or runs. It was a straightforward but heartfelt performance. It was time for the judges to vote, and they received a unanimous «yes»! Judge David Walliams praised their «beautiful blend of voices,» and the other judges felt that the performance was moving.

When it came time to vote, even the notoriously difficult-to-please Simon Cowell voted in their favor. What an incredible achievement they accomplished! Because of their remarkable narrative, the Neales deserved all four yes votes. For some of us, it would frequently take a life-changing event to wake us awake. The majority of these times are filled with tragedy, loss, and agony, which frequently reminds us that happiness is right in front of us, but we take it all for granted. Laurie’s epiphany is what propelled them to this BGT performance. Laurie had a heart attack, which devastated their entire family. It was then that he realized he’d spent much of his life working, which had taken a toll on his health.

His sons agreed, and they didn’t want their father to continue working, especially now that they each have their own jobs. They want to do something to help their father realize a longstanding ambition.

They were aware that their father had always wished to be a singer and perform on stage. What better way to do so than to audition for a popular reality talent show? They used their home karaoke skills to astound the globe with how effectively they could sing both individually and as a group. The Neales proceeded to wow the globe on the show, making it to the season finale. Their love for their father drew the sons there.

They were overjoyed to realize their father’s goal and finally let him live his days and lives to the fullest.

Check out their incredible audition in the video below!

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