Megyn Kelly Torches ‘The View’: ‘Careers Are Going Nowhere!’

Megyn Kelly has no love for the women of “The View.” The former Fox anchor pulled out all of the stops to mock the hosts of the daytime talk show in a way they won’t soon forget.

Megyn Kelly (Credit: YouTube)
Megyn Kelly has frequently made headlines by criticizing The View. Kelly used her podcast to criticize Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts on the ABC talk show when they made fun of Tucker Carlson for being let go by Fox News.

The ladies of The View came under fire from Megyn Kelly for celebrating the termination of the “terrible” Tucker Carlson. The View‘s presenters led the audience in the “wave” after learning of Carlson’s dismissal, and panelist Ana Navarro requested their participation in a performance of “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” by Steam.

Kelly criticized moderator Goldberg and her fellow cohosts during her weekly Sirius FM program for their “hen-pecking,” and she warned Fox News about the “terrible” consequences of their choice. “Your careers are going nowhere,” Kelly blasted. “And Tucker’s about to dominate in whatever space he goes to.” In addition, Kelly made fun of the hosts of the daytime panel program for the course of their own careers, saying they would never have the same level of “success” as Carlson.

Ana Navarro was criticized by Kelly for starting the “wave” on live television. “Ana Navarro, in your wildest imagination, you could never solo host a show,” Kelly declared. “You will only ever make it as part of an ensemble, and you could never hope to achieve the success that Tucker Carlson has.” Kelly concluded her response with advice for the ladies. “So you can sit in your little cheap seats all day long and enjoy your little negative hen-pecking,” she declared.

Additionally, when Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar said President Joe Biden needed “four more years to fight fascism,” Kelly couldn’t stop laughing. “The person doing the job is doing the job!” Goldberg declared about Biden on live TV. “You need to get behind him and we won’t have a problem.”

“He needs another four years to finish the job,” Behar claimed. “He can’t fight fascism in four years. You need eight years for that.” Kelly watched the video and laughed in response. Kelly said, “It’s amazing. It’s so fun! I see why that show is still on the air. It’s so fun…it’s a comedy! If you take it in as a comedy it’s much better!”

During another episode on Kelly’s podcast, she played a clip of The View’s Sunny Hostin’s take on racism and reparations. “The biggest threat to our country today…is white supremacy and domestic terrorism,” Hostin said. “How do you come together when it’s homegrown terror? We have never addressed why there is that issue that remains in this country 400 years later,” Hostin added. “And until we get to that, until we have accountability, we are not, I don’t think, ever going to be able to come close to what we saw in terms of unity.”

Kelly had a different view. “This is the worst show on television, and I don’t understand how it still has an audience,” Kelly said in response to the clip. “I have a genuine fear that this type of attitude is going to create racism where it was dying in the United States,” she added. “It wasn’t eliminated, but it was dying. I don’t think you can just keep looking around at white people and saying you have to pay reparations.”

Megyn Kelly also had harsh words for the ladies of The View when they trashed Republican Nikki Haley when she announced that she was running for president. Whoopi Goldberg claimed she “used to have some sanity” while Sunny Hostin called her a “political grifter and chameleon.”

“I love The View calling her a ‘political grifter’ because she’s waffled from time to time on Trump,” Kelly said. “I guess it’s no problem if your name is Kamala Harris and you call Joe Biden a racist at a presidential debate and then run as his VP. That’s not grifting. That’s just good politics.” Kelly also noted that Joy Behar had to retract a comment regarding Haley being an “election denier,” reading a correction sent to her while still on the air. “[Behar] couldn’t even get off the air without having to admit she had misstated the facts,” Kelly said. “There’s not gonna be any love for the Republican candidate, no matter who it is.”

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