Model Maleesa Mooney’s Cause of Death Revealed

Model Maleesa Mooney’s tragic death on September 12, 2023, in her Los Angeles apartment has been attributed to “homicidal violence,” as confirmed by the police. Mooney’s body was discovered after six days by her concerned mother during a welfare check. Shockingly, she was found lifeless inside her refrigerator, bound with electronic cords and clothing items, wrists and ankles tightly tied behind her back, and gagged.

An autopsy revealed severe beating injuries on her head, torso, and arms. Tragically, she was two months pregnant at the time. The medical examiner determined her death as a result of, or related to, the actions of another person or persons, officially classifying it as homicidal violence.

Traces of cocaine and alcohol were found in her system, but their direct role in her death remains uncertain. The identity of those responsible for her brutal murder remains unknown, leaving many demanding justice for the 31-year-old model.