Here is how Demi Moore appears as a blonde lady after making the decision to change her hair color…

In spite of the fact that she is now 57 years old, Demi Moore still manages to wow people with her incredible beautiful looks.

The television network just just shared some brand new pictures of the actress, in which she seems to be portraying a persona that is entirely different for her–a blonde with short hair.

The pictures were published on the internet.

Many others said that she had the appearance of someone who is a great lot younger than her real age and made the fast comparison of her to the elfin beauty.

However, it was subsequently found out that these alterations were necessary specifically for the development of the movie “Brave New World,” in which Moore would have a prominent part, and purely for that purpose. This revelation came as a bit of a surprise.

A lot of people are holding out hope that after shooting is done, Demi would go ahead and opt to keep her hair the same color.