My DIL Wants Me to Babysit Her Kids 9 Hours a Day for a Week & Sets Lists of Conditions

A grandmother faced a dilemma when her daughter-in-law asked her to babysit her two young children for a week as she returned to work after being a stay-at-home mom for four years. Initially, the grandmother declined due to a lengthy list of conditions set by her daughter-in-law.

The daughter-in-law’s demands included strict vegetarian dietary preferences, which she didn’t provide for, language restrictions, a ban on TV, facilitation of enrichment worksheets for the four-year-old, and adherence to a strict schedule. Moreover, she disapproved of the grandmother’s friends being around her children, which the grandmother found unreasonable.

The grandmother felt overwhelmed and told her son that their requests were too much, suggesting they find professional childcare instead. However, her daughter-in-law, in tears, pleaded for help.

Seeking advice, the grandmother turned to Reddit, where opinions were divided. Some urged her to assist her family for just one week, while others sympathized with her view that the extensive conditions were unreasonable to impose on a grandparent.

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