Sight test! 8 out of 10 were wrong. What’s actually in the picture:

More users of social media face difficulties as a result of an insight test. Many people are perplexed by the posted image since it presents a different view of what it truly is.
Many people are misled by a photo shared on a Facebook group. Many people believe the image contains lego parts, but this is not the case.
The photo was captured from a helicopter by a photographer from Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. Many people have been curious about what they signify, especially since they resemble Lego pieces. The photographer was the one who discovered that what can be seen are dozens of buses that have been pulled out of service and are being stored in an enclosed facility. The image became viral on the internet, and just a few people guessed what was in it right away.

Other notable sights in his region were photographed by the same photographer and processed in a different way. In China, a private garden looks like this. It’s in the center of Nashi’s historic district. Its name translates to “Garden of Joy,” and people all over the world aspire to visit it

A photo taken high above Hangzhou National Park in Zhejiang Province is equally spectacular. Many people were taken aback by the trees’ poetic symmetry.
During these times when billions of people are being told to stay at home and skip the holidays, a remarkable image has caused a stir on social media, successfully making us think about the holiday at first sight.
“What do you think you notice in the image?
“Would you rather have a boat or a cheesecake?” asks a Facebook user next to a cake photograph. The photograph was also uploaded on Instagram, but the explanation was in the spirit of a joke: “You want to travel so badly that you didn’t understand there is a cake in the picture.

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