My SIL Is on Her 31st Week of Pregnancy

Lily, excited about being pregnant at the same time as her sister-in-law Amanda, grows envious as Amanda’s pregnant belly stays perfectly round while she experiences typical pregnancy symptoms. Suspicious, Lily follows Amanda to her doctor’s appointment, where she witnesses Amanda’s miraculously flat belly. Confronting her brother Seth, Lily learns the shocking truth—Amanda had faked her pregnancy, planning to adopt her sister’s baby. The inheritance from their father’s will plays a role, promising financial support until the age of 21 for each child.

Seth, devastated by the revelation, forgives Amanda, understanding her desire to care for the baby. He acknowledges that the inheritance applies to all their children, biological or adopted. Lily, while acknowledging Seth’s decision to give the baby a loving home, questions Amanda’s breach of trust and wonders about the future of their relationship.

As Lily prepares for her own baby’s arrival, she hopes the joy of having a newborn will help heal the fractures caused by Amanda’s deceit and strengthen the bonds within the family.