1. Savvy Campus Dining: Redditor u/hear2fear narrated a campus cafe exploit, revealing a deli-salad bar mismatch. By capitalizing on the salad bar’s affordability and pairing it with cheap deli sandwich components, this Redditor crafted budget-friendly sandwiches for under $2, cleverly subverting the overpriced sandwich dilemma.
  2. Popularity of Promotions: In the ’90s, u/some_body_else capitalized on a Dr. Pepper promotion where bottle caps granted free sodas. By decoding the barely legible messages inside the caps, they enjoyed a winning streak, accumulating an unlimited supply of sodas—a teenage dream come true.
  3. Radio Contest Foreknowledge: Redditor u/mahck revealed how they exploited a radio station contest by using the station’s online features. By anticipating the upcoming artist through the website’s “now playing” and “up next” sections, they secured numerous prizes, showcasing the power of online sneak peeks.
  4. Lyft Glitch: During Lyft’s early days, a deleted user stumbled upon a fortuitous glitch. The promotion for free rides with a friend referral led to a year-long bounty of free rides when the glitch persisted. The user enjoyed complimentary rides as long as the fare stayed within the promotional amount.
  5. Employment Hours Game: Redditor u/Mitch_from_Boston navigated a tricky employer policy that deducted “break hours” from pay, regardless of actual breaks taken. The savvy move? Opting for a 39-hour workweek to avoid the deduction, highlighting the art of strategic compliance.
  6. Pizza Promo Perks: U/Pterons revealed a promotional loophole at Wendy’s where completing a survey on a receipt earned a free burger. Exploiting the oversight, they looped the process, acquiring multiple free burgers until the restaurant caught on.
  7. Scholastic Shenanigans: Redditor u/iknowvapetricks capitalized on a high school baby photo contest with ambiguous rules. Submitting a random baby picture found online, they won the “Best Dressed Baby” award, showcasing the importance of scrutinizing contest guidelines.
  8. Nugget Economics: U/Gerreth_Gobulcoque ingeniously exploited pricing dynamics at Burger King. With two five-piece chicken nuggets costing less than an eight-piece box, they enjoyed extra nuggets and financial savings, proving that sometimes, quantity prevails.