Swedish photographer and artist embraces winter with ice-cold baths

Swedish artist Jonna Jinton made a bold choice to leave bustling Gothenburg at 21 and settle in a remote village with just ten residents 600 kilometers north. Her quest for a serene and simple life led her there. Jonna, a photographer, captures the beauty of her surroundings and the wonders of nature day and night. Despite the harsh winters, she’s been in this community for eight years.

In a video, Jonna shares her experiences with the cold weather, revealing that it often makes her sick. However, she embraces the challenge by taking cold baths in a nearby lake.

She believes it makes her stronger, saying, “I feel a thousand times more alive when walking into ice cold water, and I can feel the blood rushing through my body, doing everything it can to keep me alive. At this moment I am completely present.” Don’t miss this captivating video of her unconventional life.

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