The announced retirement of Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey, acclaimed globally for his iconic roles, recently stunned fans by revealing his serious consideration to retire from acting. During a promotional interview for “Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” Carrey said, “I have enough.

I’ve done enough. I have enough.” This revelation came when Dolly Parton expressed her desire to have Carrey play Porter Wagoner in her biopic. Touched but unaware of her preference, Carrey declined, indicating his planned retirement. When questioned about the sincerity of his decision, given his comedic nature, Carrey confirmed his serious intent but jested he might reconsider if “the angels bring a script written in gold ink.”

Carrey’s anticipated departure saddens fans. Opting for a quieter life away from Hollywood’s frenzy, he mentioned enjoying solitude and painting. Carrey also touched upon the recent loss of his close friend, Bob Saget, attending his memorial and commenting on Netflix’s unusual decision to purchase the memorial’s rights for a documentary.

Producer Mike Binder confirmed Netflix’s acquisition, highlighting Saget’s significant impact on fans and his close bond with Carrey.

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