The skaters line up in perfect formation, and the crowd goes crazy as soon as the music starts

This Canadian skater team won the 2015 World Synchronized skater Competition after their performance to a rock & roll tune.

The choice of music was met with enthusiasm from the audience equal to that of the synchronized skating.

The sport has consistently held a special place in the hearts of spectators, from the era of Sonja Henie to the antics of Tonya Harding and her quest for figure skating glory.

Skating is more than just a sports activity. It’s artistic as well. It can require years of effort to execute seemingly easy movements across the ice.

Skaters by themselves frequently take center stage. A skater does a skillful spiral while leaning back and raising her leg high in front of the amazed spectators.

A new kind of skating competition has emerged recently to provide participants the ability to showcase their abilities.

The elegance of singles skating and the thrill of group activity are combined in this style. More than ever,

there is a spot at the rink and medals for those who want to be involved in the skating competition scene.