The world was shocked when man who won $50 million in lottery, did this the following morning…

Most individuals would undoubtedly answer that the first thing they would do if they won the lottery is quit their employment.

Despite winning the $50 million Lotto Max prize, Pierre Richer awoke around 4:30 a.m. the next week.

He learned of his incredible lottery win on Friday, October 6, and, although I would have planned a trip to the Maldives for the following week, Pierre went back to work on Monday as normal.

The man from Québec works as a driver and shipment manager for a catering company and didn’t want to leave his colleagues in the lurch.

“I can’t leave them alone in the dark,” he told Loto-Québec. The cargo department cannot function without me.”

Pierre, who is in his 60s, also stated that the salary at his position isn’t fantastic, making his decision to stay even more impressive.

Despite his age, he stated that he does not intend to retire just yet but would wait a few weeks before making a final choice.

Pierre was out shopping with his daughter for Thanksgiving supplies when he bought his winning ticket.

After hearing that pie dough was on sale, the couple headed to the Super C grocery shop.

“With the pie crust being on sale at the Super C, my daughter went in to get it, and I got the ticket,” Pierre enthused.

He claims that if it hadn’t been for the pie crust, he wouldn’t have been in the correct place to get the two tickets, which only cost him $10.

The next day, Pierre’s daughter and wife verified the lottery numbers and discovered his massive victory—but, despite their delight, he remained unimpressed.

“I was a little happy,” he said.

“But, you know, I just left the room, and that was it.”

When reporters asked how he felt, Pierre just stated, “Nothing has changed.”

Pierre, I believe your bank balance would disagree.

When asked what he intended to do with his newfound money, he stated that they intended to “buy a new house and a new car, and that’s basically it.”

His desire, according to CTV News, is to mow the grass’ at his new home.

And it looks like if you want to win the lotto soon, Québec is the place to go.

According to Loto-Québec President and CEO Jean-François Bergeron, lottery winners received $1.5 billion last year.

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